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About us

Vilniaus BDT was founded in 2001. The company started with two people and today the team has grown to more than 55 employees. The company’s number of employees and range of services continue to grow. During the first decade, Vilniaus BDT strengthened its leading position in the field of demolition and dismantling work. The company’s 20 years of work experience in the construction field, qualified employees, and clear strategy have helped it to grow qualitatively in other areas as well.

This year, the company provides comprehensive services which include demolition and dismantling of buildings, drilling, and cutting with diamond drills and ropes, earthwork, construction of roads and railways, installation of engineering service lines, and recycling of building materials.
(avg. per year)
(avg. per year)
Quality and Certificates
  • Since 2005, Vilniaus BDT has participated in the activities of the European Demolition Association.
  • The company is registered in the Register of Waste Management Companies (code: 113292).
  • A Hazardous Waste Management License (No. 001073) has been issued to Vilniaus BDT.
  • A qualification certificate has been issued granting it the right to be a construction contractor for construction work of exceptional significance (Qualification Certificate No. 4278).
  • The company has implemented a system of quality management, environmental management, occupational safety, and health management conforming with international standards, in accordance with the requirements of the standards LST EN ISO 9001:2015, LST EN ISO 14001:2015, LST ISO 45001:2018.
  • LST EN 13242:2003+A1:2008 “Aggregates for unbond and hydraulically bond materials for use in civil engeneering work and road construction”.

Modern technology

About 90% of all work performed by Vilniaus BDT is performed with its own resources. Investments are made both in the continuous professional development of employees and in state-of-the-art equipment. The company's existing equipment is consistently renewed and supplemented with new and modern tools, as the importance of work optimization is assessed, customer time is saved and the quality of work performed is improved. In 2020, 13 units of heavy machinery were purchased.
moderni_technika (2)
moderni_technika (5)
  • Demolition and digging excavators (20-45 t) – 14 pcs.
  • Ground levelling, compaction equipment – 9 pcs.
  • Machinery transport platforms (12-60 t) – 3 pcs.
  • Tippers, container transport vehicles – 7 pcs.
  • Machinery for recycling of building materials, sifting – 6 pcs.
  • Diamond drilling, cutting equipment – 26 pcs.
  • Robot “Brokk 180” (2 t) with remote control – 1 pc.